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Ben Rosencranz-Rock The Dreidel Rock the Dreidel is a rockumentary musical comedy filmed in Florida in 2013, which combines live concert performances and scenes where the rockstar wanna be Ben Rozencranz struggles for fame and fortune. Ben Rozencranz is typical of all aspiring rockstars with one exception, Ben's ego is as large as his waistline and he takes everything to the extreme including inventing many new rock and roll innovations. His innovations include the Shred-o-matic ( a 4 pick spinning contraption), a gasoline powered custom Cranktastic amplifier, a 6 neck guitar, and the Musketune ( a guitar made from a Civil War musket). For publicity he trains to become a heavyweight prize fighter and selected by NASA to be the first musician in space. Ben's zany escapades are full of hilarity and fun for music fans of all ages. The DVD and downloadable movie contains comical rock originals which relate to the plot. His 12 song and comic music CD is also available for download. This artist is important as he is indicative of the highly driven rockstar who will go to any and all extremes for attention and publicity, which makes a very entertaining and captivating movie. Any aspiring musician or rock music fan would enjoy and relate to the trials and tribulations of becoming a rockstar as portrayed in this movie.

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Label: Music VIdeo Distributors | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2015 | Genre: Comedy

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