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Axis of Advance-Obey
This is a heavy, true and authentic sounding album in this plagued time of triggered digital Death Metal with lyrical approach and execution rarely seen in today's cliché-ridden quagmire. In a word, this is unmistakable Canadian Brutality! Session drumming once again provided by J. Read (Revenge). Recorded in Malmö, Sweden at Berno Studio with Henrik Larsson at the helm.

Obey Doctrine:
Unpredictable human malfunctions beyond levels of basic psychological hypothesis/treatment to be observed and rectified swiftly. Treatments for abnormalities and deficiencies monitored compromise the tricategorius:
1./ Increase workload
2./ Decrease workload
3./ Starvation
Subjects unresponsive to treatments after 14 moons relegated to liquidation.
Any new infractions/destabilizations must be closely examined (all data recorded) before subject is liquidated. Human to human contact is to remain at a steadily declining rate. Tricategorius is to be implemented under circumstances comprising deficiencies.
Language(s)/vocal patterns to be closely monitored ensuring decreased content (10%) per annum as of ASA1.0. Tricategorius is to be implemented under circumstances comprising deficiencies.
Learning curve quotient determination via bi-annum examination of entire known human population: imperative. Sections and sub-sections as follows:
LCQ: A (X > 100): Liquidation
LCQ: K (X > 80): 75% subjugation to tricategorius
LCQ: N (X > 65): 50% subjugation to tricategorius
LCQ: P (X > 50): 25% subjugation to tricategorius
LCQ: Z (X< 50): Liquidation
Breeding in humans selected by LCQ caste. Any deviation from caste pre-determinate breeding is subject to immediate relocation with implementation of tricategorius. Offspring are to be monitored for LCQ determination via bi-annum examination. Apply to sections and sub-sections, as each caste requires.
Hydrox, soft/hard water, sustenance, supplements, vitamins and organic foods rationed as per productivity: caste index. Hoarding or fasting is subject to tricategorius with emphasis on category 3.
As of ASA 38.6 humans remain a critical component of the mech expansion apparatus. All cases subjected to category 3 monitoring require drone interception after 14 moons. Ultimatum must be repeated back by subject after 8.0 seconds. Utilize cerebral templar wave extractor in cases of vocal failure.
In males "Obey to live Obey"
In females "Obey love Obey"
Feed co-operative survivors, liquidate infractors.

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Label: Red Stream | Item Code: RSR-0176 | Country: Canada | Year: 2004 | Genre: Black Metal

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