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Avulsed-Yearning for the Grotesque - digipak Digipak with bonus tracks!

Spanish most known death metal act returns to feed depraved minds with their foetal death metal assault, the best album on their sick careers!

Titled "Yearning For The Grotesque", this opus of bloody hung human remains brings the band to the top of underground melodic death metal scene, because this band always tried to combine melody with brutality in the most smart way. Starting from a sure impacting cover (censored in some countries), and accross a cool innard art (it´s a pitty the mistake on pages order!), Avulsed strikes back with "Wormeaten" , one of the most pure death metal cuts on this album. Then comes more melodic tracks such as "Pale Red Blood" and the fantastic "Daddy Stew", in wich Dave Rotten´s guttural voices injects high energy music-fuel to the band.

One track I don´t like is last one, "Decrepit Sigh", with that melancolic and doomy atmosphere, that in my opinnion has nothing to be with the rest of the album. Also, as a note, we´ll find an spanish sung track "Cadaver Decapitado" (well, it´s not the most original title track of music history).

Sound is one of the best band ever get, provided by Spacelab Studios, but I think guitars sound a bit less raw than in "Stabwound Orgams", but general sound is better, overall vokills and bass, that finally can be well appreciated.

And finally I´ll say that for this new recording, the band take help from Night In Gales vocalist and Everon guitar player. Deluxe collaborators!.

Want a piece of raw human meat?. Try Avulsed!
Review by: JM

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Label: Metal Age Productions | Item Code: Various | Country: Spain | Year: 2003 | Genre: Death Metal

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