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Ava Inferi-Burdens
"When confronted with frustration and misery during your existence, there are several ways to respond to it as a human being. The members of the Portuguese band Ava Inferi have canalized their fears and spiritual dejection and transformed it into music, producing an outlet for disturbing emotions as well as a platform for their creative urges at the same time. The result of this can most certainly be called a success.

The gothic doom found here cannot easily be categorized. We're not dealing here with the kind of grandiloquent pomposity known from bands such as, for example, After Forever or Therion, spherewise this should be placed somewhere in between Ego Likeness and the first album of Monumentum. The skilled female vocalist at times comes close to soprano heights with her heavenly voice, also whispered as well as murmured parts and witchy singing is within the reach of her repertoire. The emotional charge of the lyrics is brought over well this way and is even deepened by the pensive and melancholic sounding arrangements with frequent vigorous outbursts. The subtle and often demure tracks are filled with sadness (you can even literally hear crying on this album) without becoming pathetic, which is an effort in itself. Not everybody is capable of creating striking and almost fragile music which manages to be very effective as well. A record to cherish in this cruel world." - Nanhold / www.gothtronic.com

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Label: Season of Mist | Item Code: SOM 113 | Country: Portugal | Year: 2006 | Genre: Gothic Metal

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