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Autumnal-Grey Universe Almost everybody who is into Doom Metal in Spain know this band from Madrid. Together with GOLGOTHA, HELEVORN and SHROUD OF TEARS, they are probably one of the best examples this genre has nowadays in our country. This promo CD is a compilation containing four tracks from their last two demos as well as a song taken from their upcoming full length album. Their style hasn't changed too much during the years, yet as you can imagine, their musical skills have improved quite notably. Their influences, on the other hand, are the same: MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA, and especially albums like 'Turn Loose The Swans' and 'Alternative 4'. Their sound, however, is not a simple imitation. Having obvious influences, they have known how to evolve during the years, achieving the more personal sound you can actually listen in the first song, 'As Soon As You Die'. Personally, I have preferred the two songs that belong to their last demo 'The Age Of Sin', while the songs from 'In My Shell', being good as well, are not as elaborated and well produced as the newer ones.

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Label: Xtreem Music | Item Code: XM 042 | Country: Spain | Year: 2006 | Genre: Doom Metal

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