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Autodidact-Welcome to the Dissonance Engine Autodidact has ended. During its lifespan (1995-2003), the band evolved from lo-fi noise-bleat in the vein of Null, Skullflower, etc. into a highly disciplined and hallucinatory dissonance engine marked by the use of multiple guitars, noise, whacked psychedelia, and more noise. Evidence of the evolution can be found in the DISCOGRAPHY section.

[Dm + (B/D : A#/D) x 1000] + [D + (G/D : G#/D) x 500] + C: D: C: D: E / 20 bpm = big sexy headache

So what was Autodidact about? Sound. Dense waves of sound, hypnotic and repetitive rhythms, ambience, dissonance that resolves into harmony and back again... and really long songs. Often in extreme slow motion. Autodidact's final favored operating speed was somewhere between 20 to 40 bpm. Slow enough for you? Unlike mere mortals, Doktor Omega never tires or loses the beat, plus she digs that crazy math rock, baybee, so she was swinging a pretty complicated hammer toward the end.

Helpful references in assimilating that which was Autodidact: Band of Susans, Rhys Chatham, Null and Zeni Geva, Manes, Low, Swans, Burzum, Pain Teens, Gerogerigegege, Breaking Circus, Codeine, Acid King, Godflesh, Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle, Maeror Tri, Skullflower, Main, My Bloody Valentine, Scorn, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, Voivod, Lush, Troum, way too many more to list. (Note: These were not necessarily influences as much as inspirations or artists working in the same general ballpark in some fashion.)

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Label: Monotremata | Item Code: MONO CD 02 | Country: United States | Year: 2002 | Genre: Experimental

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