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Atomic Roar-Atomic Freaks ATOMIC ROAR was born in 2003 in Rio de Janeiro, when the brothers Vinícius Hellpreacher and Victor Poisonhell decided to set up a band with influences of METAL and PUNK.
They invited Leonardo Witchcaptor to play the drums (They were long time friends and both already have played in bands with him: Hellpreacher in a band called EVIL CHILD (RIP) and Poisonhell in FARSCAPE).
After the first rehearsal, Hellpreacher decided that he should concentrate just on the vocals, and they invited Victor Whipstriker to play the bass. Whipstriker was also a child time friend and also belonged to FARSCAPE.
In just some weeks the band seems to have taken the expected direction. Own musics were made and in 2004 the "School of Lust" demo was recorded at the rehearsal studio in Witchcaptor's home. The result was surprising, however, some setbacks with the mixing put back the release of this demo.

In 2006 they signed with a dutch label called FINAL PUNISHMENT Recs. for "School of Lust" release in tape format.

The debut album "WARFARE MERCHANTS" was released by CRUSH UNTIL MADNESS Recs. from USA in CD and LP in 2009.

The band sign with a Scotland label BESTIAL INVASION Recs., and the new album "ATOMIC FREAKS" was record in 2010, and in the very beginning of 2011 the album was released in cd format together with a 25 dates of an euro tour (more than 10 countries: Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Tchec Republic, Belgium, Switzerland.

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Label: Bestial Invasion | Item Code: Various | Country: Brazil | Year: 2011 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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