Ases - Of Moonlords And Sunwheel Warriors

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Ases-Of Moonlords And Sunwheel Warriors The band's wish was to create and play «pagan black metal» mainly dealing with Indo-european Pagan topics as Scandinavian, Germanic and especialy Celtic mythologies/histories/tales & legends (but also fantasy/horror/pornography and evil). Its vision is mainly that modern society, as subjected to monotheistic religions, is stirring the annihilation of our ancestral Scandinavian, German, Celtic… Pagan roots and traditions as identity, way of life, culture, historical truth… The name of the band originates from Scandinavian mythology (the Ases are sovereign and warrior pagan gods…). All the members of the band are, above all, really inflamed by Metal & extreme music! Because of its music and evil side the band is not perceived as a traditional black metal band nor as any given pagan metal band so Ases stands somewhere between «true» & «pagan» black metal.

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Label: Taran Productions | Item Code: Various | Country: France | Year: 2004 | Genre: Black Metal

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