Aschmicrosa - Incubus Black Metal

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Aschmicrosa-Incubus Black Metal
Grim 'alternative' Blackened atmosphere, but NOT 'industrial' (since ASCHMICROSA features live human drummer Infernuusyl, pictured above at right), and also NOT 'Gothik' either -- but an entirely new form of spellbinding Black Metal evolved light-years away from ASCHMICROSA's earlier raw Nordic Black Thrash sound. Describable as 'chaotic' but more controlled than Canada's LUST. Strong Blackened Doom atmosphere like later-era 'Post-Black Metal' BEHERIT, or old MORDOR (from Switzerland, formerly on Wild Rags), but with more density and high-calibre arrangement of instruments plus crystal-clear sound production. Also describable as 'exotic' but NOT oriental like ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN, since ASCHMICROSA retains a distinctly Eastern European / Slavonic sound especially with deep male tenor, ominous and foreboding vocals that are similar to old MASTERS HAMMER, or old NECROMANTIA!

43 Minutes total running-time; nineteen (19) songs, each averaging under 4 minutes long.

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Label: Black | Item Code: BM.C. 666-33 | Country: Slovakia | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

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