Arsenic - Seeds of Darkness CD Review

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2006-06-16 : Jeremy (TMO) : Link
Whoa wait a second! Did my speakers just break? Oh wait they didn't. I just happened to pop ARSENIC in my CD player. Are these guys fucking serious? I'm sorry I'm being so harsh with my words, but what the Hell is this? I know these songs were recorded in the early 80's but c'mon let's get serious here. This is not music. It's seriously just noise. That’s all this is. Wait a second… Do I have anything good to say? No!

Okay that part is out of the way. Now for the facts: This CD is a collection of all the demos ARSENIC recorded in their days in the 80's. It is also the only songs they have ever recorded to this day. Every song on this CD sounds exactly like the other one. Mindless bashing on the drums and horrible guitar riffs and completely dissonant guitar solos which are all based on picking the same two notes over and over again. I guess the fact that the guitars are completely out of tune doesn't help much either. And as for vocals, well... Mindless screaming... WOOHOO!! The screaming doesn't even sound good. The guy's voice is all dry and crackled. Did I mention that all 14 songs on this CD sound exactly the same as the other songs? There is no, I repeat, NO fluidity in the songs and they're played horribly.

Look I'm repeating myself just like the songs do. Look I'm repeating myself just like the songs do. Look I'm repeating myself just like the songs do. I just dropped a plate on the ground (seriously I did) and it shattered into a million pieces. It made a lot of noise. It sounded better than ARSENIC.

Get the point already?