Arcana - Inner Pale Sun

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Arcana-Inner Pale Sun
Peter Pettersson has been focusing on his other - and harsher project - Sophia, and this is the first Arcana album since "The Last Embrace" (2000).

The choral-percussive 'My Cold Sea' provides a grand opening, dark and romantic. 'Lovelorn' and 'Innocent Child' are very Brendan Perry. The latter song has a particularly beautiful, sad melody, whilst in 'Icons' the choral and instrumental melody is almost reduced to a background supporting evocative chimes and beats. The Wakefordian-entitled 'We Rise Above' is carried by a very compulsive dulcimer-sounding riff. 'Song Of The Dead Sun' is a filmic instrumental.

Typical of Pettersson's music, 'Season Of Thought', another piece of orchestral grandeur, cleverly oscillates between sadness and optimism, while maintaining a background broodiness, all of which seems to contrast the doom of mortals with the galactic continuum - or what some people understand as 'God'. Finally, 'Closure', a relaxed piano and choral finale, provides a feeling of celestial resolution.

Arcana ploughs the romantic/ethereal fringe of darkwave whilst never sliding into sentimentality. The combination of sadness and grandeur results in a compelling gravitas and even a sense of the sacred - a deep and beautiful experience to relieve the ennui of hyper-modernity. Need I say more?

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Label: Cold Meat Industry | Item Code: CMI 121 | Country: Sweden | Year: 2004 | Genre: Dark Ambient

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