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Arallu-Satanic War In Jerusalem FACTS:
1) ARALLU members lives in the most dangerous part of Jerusalem.
2) The recent situation in Israel and mainly in Jerusalem is the main reason for this album to come out, "Butchered" the leader of ARALLU met the Fundamentalistic Islamic terror not for once, living in the most dangerous part of Jerusalem where blood death and terror became an everyday experience, the situation forced him to carry a gun fulltime as Islamic terrorists used to shoot people at night hours and on their way back from rehearsals ARALLU members were attacked.
3) Therefore it leads to ONE conclusion: ARALLU sing about war because they LIVE in war, and NOT because they READ about war…
4) Musically "Satanic War In Jerusalem" represents uncompromising Mesopotamian middle eastern barbaric Black/Death metal war machine with 80's Thrash touches and Arabic rhythms, in order to add a traditional middle eastern touch, instruments like "Darbuka" and "Sitar" were used.
5) "The War On The Wailing Wall", the debut ARALLU album (1999) received great feedbacks from the extreme metal media and set up ARALLU as one of the few REAL extreme metal bands today.
6) As being influenced by the cult barbaric 80's Thrash albums, a cover version of Slayer's "Evil Has No Boundaries" was made, in order to praise the REAL metal spirit which is hardly exist nowdays.
7) The Devil came from the desert and NOT from the forest….
8) Full priority release from Raven Music

We never DECLARED war, we never TALKED about war, coming from Jerusalem we LIVE inside a never ending war, war with the deepest roots of hatred, war of religions, bloodshed and terrorism became a part of our everyday life, therefore we TRULY DESPITE the "bigmouth" so called "Black Metal" bands who market themselves as war supporters and death worshippers and sit in the pub drink vodka, sing about the things they read in the books, those books were written about US and those pathetic chickens makes a "Business Black" out of it (Grrrrr...).
People have destroyed all the spirit of this extreme Black/Death metal scene, it's marketed as vampire-chicks teaser- folk and nature or the worst case: pathetic "War Supported" bands...
We'll, I'm tired and pissed off to be in the same category with those idiots, there's an ABYSS between us and the rest, we can end our life in the streets of Jerusalem, the situation forced me to carry a gun fulltime as we been shot several times, we are not afraid to die for our believes and faith, we got in touch with some of the known "Black Metal" bands of today, invited them to share our blasphemy and share a stage with us here, the "Virtual Black Metal" bands were AFRAID to come here... they feel good to be "Virtual Warriors" what a pity...
We must spread our authentic hatred as a cult, not as a trend, we must spread the true middle eastern Mesopotamian spirit from the gates of Jerusalem to the gates of hell!! we spit in the face of those "Virtual Warriors" bands, go back to your woods!! The devil came from the dezert AND NOT from the forest... wake up and smell the flowers... For we are the ones who smell the stench of blood. Those bands made themselves guardians of stupidity and fake attitude, we'll
become guardians of True Mesopotamian Satanic War In Jerusalem !!!"
In The Name Of ARALLU
Butchered "The Hell Warrior"!!!

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Label: Raven Music | Item Code: RAVEN007 | Country: Israel | Year: 2011 | Genre: Black Metal

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