Arafel - Through the Flame of the Ages

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Arafel-Through the Flame of the Ages
"Although ARAFEL hail officially from Israel, they must be considered under any point of view as a Russian band. They play Slavonic Pagan/Black, the members share their Russian heritage and they also write songs in that language (despite the English titles). There was a time in which I was really interested in this kind of music, due to my special interest in Slavonic culture and also the innefable quality of bands like TEMNOZOR, ARKONA, DUB-BUK or BUTTERFLY TEMPLE and so I was pretty interested in listening what ARAFEL had to offer.

Musically, they don't differ a lot to what I had heard on the genre. Folkish catchy melodies, fast rhythm and blissful Black Metal vocals. A few violins here and there can be heard, but the main skeleton is built by very powerful riffs and heavy drumming. The structure is very rich, almost progressive by times, with lots of melodic changes and breaks but keeping the fastness and cheerful spirit all the time.

You won't lose nothing checking this band. If you like Pagan Metal, specially which they make in Russia that has certainly a distinctive touch, you will find here another very interesting act. On the other hand, the production is surprisingly good for this kind of bands and it will allow you to enjoy properly the different elements that give sophistication to this release. (Online June 19, 2006) - Daniel/"

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Label: Sound Age | Item Code: SAP 094 | Country: Israel | Year: 2005 | Genre: Pagan Metal

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