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Aphotic-Under Veil of Dark by: David Rocher (5 out of 5)

The return of Green Bay's atmospheric death trio is one I awaited indeed. Aphotic's eponymous first demo [CoC #51] had already struck me as a sample of finely crafted tracks of forlorn beauty, and these four new tracks merely comfort me in my opinion that I have stumbled upon one of the finest unsigned bands I have ever heard. Aphotic have successfully evolved towards introducing new elements of technicality and discreet variety in their ambient death metal, and the material on _Under Veil of Dark_ is memorable indeed. Fine melodies placed in quiet repose on a powerful, compelling rhythm section -- alas still filled by a drum machine, which is realistically the -only- point I can even mildly begrudge _Under Veil of Dark_ --, simple, extremely charismatic vocals -- very similar in style and inspiration to those of Micke Akerfeldt's -- turn deeply introspective tracks such as "Precipice" or "Atmosphere" into monuments of forlorn, beautifully ornate sorrowful metal. With their second demo, Aphotic have raised their music to a new tier, and although they do not, as of yet, display the maturity of masters _Brave Murder Day_-era Katatonia or present-day Opeth, they are quite clearly revealing themselves as a powerful, emotional force to be reckoned with... provided a label plays its cards right and grants them the chance they so direly deserve.

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Label: Self-released | Item Code: APHOTIC II | Country: United States | Year: 2004 | Genre: Death Metal

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