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Aphoom Zhah-Symbol of New Aeon Brand new album from Aphoom Zhah and what a killer it is! Seven songs of pure black metal with a modern, industrial edge... Like a demon flying through the post apocalyptic landscape of Chernobyl. The first couple of tracks blast away at speed with evil riffs that remind of Mayhem at their most sinister and really show that the band are out to take no prisoners! The excellently titled "Crystal Clear Satanic Hate" continues in this style but has a more hardcore/shouted vocal which is really aggressive and full of conviction, thanks to guest vocalist Ryks Asirg (from fellow Belarussian act KRUK). "Cold Kiss of Autumn" drops the pace, the fantastic production does its job here, you wonder how much heavier the sound can get... The samples (mixed from the newest 'Dawn of the Dead' film) give an additional element to the slow, grinding sound and vocalist Vajug sounds like he is coughing up his insides... "The Unkown" sounds as cold and desolate as the winds that sound its arrival. "Into the Crystal Lap of Paradise" is similar to track 3 and is also graced by the presence of the maniacal Ryks Asirg. A sinister outro closes the chaos. This is one of the finest releases of 2005, it seems that Aphoom Zhah have perfectly blended the old and new and come up with an album that sounds both instantly familiar yet forward thinking and refreshing. This is really the kind of album Mayhem would do well to release nowadays... But, whilst the masses of brainless black metal "fans" gaze at the currently worthless Norwegian scene, we'll take a trip to Belarus and listen to Kruk, Pagan, Phorcys and of course Aphoom Zhah.

"The Time will come and you will hear the Call!"

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Label: Possession | Item Code: Various | Country: Russia | Year: 2005 | Genre: Black Metal

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