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Antichrist-Issue 10/2010 Ukraina, A4, 48 pages, glossy paper, English language, full colored two-sided layout. Inside -
DECREPIDEMIC (Brutal-death metal, Portugal)
BONE GNAWER (Kam Lee) (Old-school death metal, USA-Sweden)
EVIL ARMY (Old-school thrash metal, USA)
TYRANTS BLOOD (Death/thrash/black metal, Canada)
COATHANGER ABORTION (Brutal death metal, USA)
ARMOUR (Old-school hard'n'heavy, Finland)
TIRAN (Old-school thrash/death metal, Russia)
SEPTORY (Old-school death metal, Russia)
DATURA (Brutal death metal, Ukraina)
APOKEFALE (Post-black metal, Russia)
ST. MADNESS (Metal/thrash metal, USA)
DISHAMMER (Old-school punk/thrash metal, Spain)
BLACK SISTER (Old-school thrash metal, Scotland-Hungary)
REVOCATION (Metal/death/thrash metal, USA)
LESHAK (Folk death metal, Russia)
SODOMIZER/HELLKOMMANDER (Speed/death metal, Brazil)
VINDICATOR (old-school thrahs metal, USA)
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Label: Dead Shop | Item Code: Various | Country: Ukraine | Year: 2010 | Genre: Black Metal

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