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Ansur-Waring Factions AN ADDICTIVE MIXTURE OF EXTREME METAL, MATHEMATICAL PATTERNS AND THE BRILLIANTLY SUBTLE IMPLEMENTATION OF ACOUSTIC GUITARS. Warring Factions is an addictive mixture of mathematical patterns with the brilliantly subtle implementation of acoustic guitars that strongly add to clarity in sound and the sense of threat and disaster. Ansur combine fast parts with slower parts but complex and eerie ones that are especially stirring when things get twitchy. Warring Factions is an intense and intriguing record. If Ansur try and maintain this newfound course without falling into the pitfall of bombast, their future certainly won't look as grim as the world of Warring Factions. Having noticed this, it's almost unbelievable that the members from Ansur are all still aged below 20 when hearing what they're capable of. It difficult to place in one particular genre, since their music shows inspirations from a whole bunch of genres and bands. The overall sound is very cold and almost industrial, and the riff-work draws my minds to both newer SATYRICON and THORNS, as well as newer DØDHEIMSGARD or EMPEROR in general. However, the rhythm section tends to drift off into far stranger areas, and some parts almost fall into the technical and progressive metal-category.

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Label: Candlelight | Item Code: Various | Country: Norway | Year: 2008 | Genre: Black Metal

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