Anima Damnata / Throneum - Gods of Abhorrence

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Anima Damnata / Throneum-Gods of Abhorrence Two most vicious creatures from Polish underground. THRONEUM play blackened, nightmarish Death Metal the old way. Raw and straight to the point. They are heavily influenced by early Death metal bands from the 80's and early 90's like ASPHYX, ORDER FROM CHAOS, VENOM, POSSESSED, early SODOM, HELLHAMMER and so on. Yet they sound is still something fresh. They have several releases available on different underground labels. On "Gods of Abhorrence" they put eight songs including cover of DEICIDE classic "Lunatics of God's Creation".
ANIMA DAMNATA is fast as hell, extreme Satanic Death Metal band with a lot of blasts. Plenty of people compared their music to demo days of MORBID ANGEL and DEICIDE (AMON aera). They also own something to dirty Black Metal bands like BLASPHEMY, SARCOFAGO and BEHERIT (whom they covered on "Gods of Abhorrence" with a track "The Gate of Nanna". This stuff is definitely not for the weak. Pure Death/Black Metal to the bone!

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Label: Pagan Records | Item Code: MOON 033 | Country: Poland | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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