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Angelcorpse-Of Lucifer and Lightning Blasphemers everywhere rejoice! After a seven year drought of new music, Satanic death metal mongers Angel Corpse make their triumphant return with Of Lucifer and Lightning. All extreme metal fans are certain to be excited by this latest offering from the all American death metal trio. Just looking at the artwork tells the listener what they have to look forward to; Lucifer rising in hell, holding Christ in an upside down cross position. And oh yes, he's also taking a bite from the feet of his quarry. Be sure you won't find this gem on the rack at Wal-Mart. The band returns with the lineup of Pete Helmkamp on bass/vocals, Gene Palubicki on guitar, and extreme music legend John Longstreth handling the drum duties. This is the original incarnation that recorded Hammer Of The Gods in 1996, which was the Angel Corpse debut.

"Credo Decimatus" fades in to start off the onslaught as Helmkamp reintroduces himself with a low guttural snarl. The opener is more of an instrumental with some underlying vocals that are altered in comparison to the rest of the album, almost sounding as an introduction by Satan himself. This leads to "Antichrist Vanguard" where Helmkamp really gets things going with his brand of vicious, snarling, black metal voicing. The vocals, while slightly low in the mix, add a real air of perniciousness to the songs. Throughout Of Lucifer and Lightning the feeling of evil and sheer depravity are seething on every track. From "Machinery of the Cleansing" and "Saints of Blasphemy", to "Thrall", there's an overload of buzz saw guitars and malevolent vocals, all driven by the ever present drum mastery of Longstreth. The band shows they've grown musically, showing off their talent as musicians and songwriters, combining just the right amount of speed with power, amidst this group of well structured songs.

Of Lucifer and Lightning is a very empowering listen, one that makes the listener feel quite sinister; and quite happy about it. Angel Corpse have put together their most extreme, most potent album to date, one that all extreme metal fans should definitely give a listen to.

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Label: Osmose | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2007 | Genre: Death Metal

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