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And Then You Die-Abuse Park Finally Onyxia Records got their first release out and I must say that ATYD is one of the best Finnish dark Electronic/Industrial acts (or even the best) I've heard. I made an interview with the founders of Onyxia Records few months ago and we had a small chat about ATYD also, so you should check out the interview after you've read this review. There's small bio and some other facts about ATYD.

ATYD´s music is not the easiest one to place under any genre, you can hear references to Finnish rock (CMX, Ismo Alanko etc.), Dark Ambient, trad. Industrial, some Triphop/Techno/Jungle(???), Acoustic Rock/Pop and more (Angelo Badalamenti's newer soundtracks crossed my mind several times [Lost Highway anyone???]). All these elements mixed with real guitars and bass + various different vocal styles. I can most honestly state that they're their own genre, they've done something totally unique and different. Maybe something like Suicidal Electro-Industrial Ritual Musick suits them well.

I've listened Abuse Park for something like ten times now and it gets more and more interesting, you can find new elements every time you listen to it. This album is just way too difficult task to try to review, because the variety of the material. You can hear how the guys behind ATYD have done quite an enormous work to create these songs, there's so much stuff inside, but on the other hand, here's not too much stuff placed in. Only minus comes from the length of the album. I think that with a bit shorter time, Abuse Park would have worked perfectly.

What can i say? If you're not afraid of exploring new sounds, you should most definitely check ATYD out. If you're only into Metal, don't even think about this. Excellent work! Trip out!

Niko von Hell 4,5/5, Metalhel)

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Label: Onyxia | Item Code: Various | Country: Finland | Year: 2003 | Genre: Industrial

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