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Ancient-The Canian Chronicle Dark, frothing beasts, hooded figures, horned demons, maggot-infested tombs, sacrificial killings, church burnings, black skies lit only by an ominous full moon...although black metal may seem a bit far-fetched to some, to worshippers of the Dark Lord, it is a way of life and a means through which to express their unholy vows and help spread the sadistic, malevolent will of the Great Horned One - or in the immortal words of Saturday Night Live's Church Lady. "Hmmmm, could it be Saaataan!?" All kidding aside, most of the bands that emerged from the underbelly of the early `90s black metal movement (mainly confined to Norway and Sweden) are no longer with us because all of their members are either dead or in jail! Definitely unafraid to practice what they preach, black metal bands have became controversial within the music industry over the past couple of years, and their scathing, extreme blend of harsh sounds and powerful lyrics is taken much more seriously than ever before. Sure, snickers can still be heard when bands like Ancient take the stage in corpse paint and black hooded cloaks, but the evil power of controversy and demented originality have put these bands in the forefront of extreme music. Ancient founder Aphazel made his journey from black metal's homeland of Norway to America in 1995, where he recruited American vocalists Lord Kaiaphas and Kimberly Soss to join in his violent, hate-filled musical vision; hence, the frighteningly twisted The Cainian Chronicle, a black metal concept album based on The Book Of Nod by Sam Chupp and Andrew Greenberg. Filled with swirling, blustery passages of instrumentation and jarring, repetitive percussion, The Cainian Chronicle is an eerie black metal masterpiece. - Jenni Glenn (from

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Label: Metal Blade | Item Code: MB 3984 | Country: Norway | Year: 1996 | Genre: Black Metal

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