Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro

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Anaal Nathrakh-The Codex Necro
The hogtied and plastic wrapped corpses featured throughout the album's exterior are actually an excellent description of this unusual band's music. Symbolically speaking of course, once you pop this doozy in you're in for a violent beating that rarely ceases to give you a chance to take a breath to prepare for the next explosive barrage. This stuff is just plain fast as hell, the kind of music The Flash would bang his bitch to, seriously. - Metal Crypt

Welcome to a world of measured chaos and that world is Anaal Nathrakh. Anaal Nathrakh create some of the more ingenious darkened atmospheres on this album, for the most part with only the standard guitar, bass, drums and vocals approach. Sometimes the guitar works is slow and driving and others it is top notch speed, but one thing is for sure it is always catchy and very memorable. Just listen to "Submission is for the Weak" and try to say that guitar line doesn't stick in your head. Some people may be averse to checking this band out because they use a drum machine, and just to put that outlook aside, the programmed drum lines are done flawlessly and take nothing away from the performance, I assure you. Lastly, Anaal Nathrakh features one of the most sickeningly good vocal performances you could ever hope to encounter. Prepare for the world of Anaal Nathrakh, they redefine the word "misanthropy." (Cleric from

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Label: Mercenary Music | Item Code: WAR 032 | Country: United Kingdom | Year: 2003 | Genre: Black Metal

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