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Anaal Nathrakh-Eschaton Playing an unstoppably savage assault, best pitched as 'the working class Emperor' - discordant, haunting riffs, inhuman shrieks, thunderous drumming and an all pervasive sense of oppression - Anaal Nathrakh are a work of real power and twisted genius. Where else would one find a sample from 'Blackadder', the crazed wise woman's cry of "Kill everyone in the whoooooole wooooorld", being used to illustrate their self-defined 'necro'sity? Certainly not in Norway where having a sense of humour is as contrary to the black metal ethos as tumbly puppies and Sunday School. -montagpress

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Label: Season of Mist | Item Code: SOM 140 | Country: United Kingdom | Year: 2007 | Genre: Black Metal

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