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Allfather-Allfather Raw Black Metal from Canada. Allfather: a powerful identity depicting the mighty god Wotan, father of the Norse gods, lord of honour and supremacy. The conceptual vision of Wotan is used by Allfather as inspiration and a conduit for both personal and united ideologies. This combined individual impression, allows the creation of a communal ideology that delves into how the deity Wotan perceived within the Allfather collective and what he stands for; the belief in self preservation, individual potential, reverence and ancestral pride. It is through this creed in which Allfather derives sound and lyric. The credo of Wotan is a principle solely for the strong, strong of both will and spirit. Allfather draws from this model and employs it as a vessel to create music that is determinate and progressive. The struggle for advancement is ever present and Allfather inexorably seeks to improve both individually and as a collective, fostering the path to dominance and breeding strength to conquer.

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Label: The Alienator Records | Item Code: ALLFATHER | Country: Canada | Year: 2004 | Genre: Black Metal

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