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2002-09-15 : michael druml : Link
Alkonost Alkonost Album (Ketzer/Beverina)

Before I got this Cd I knew Alkonost only by name, but I have heared only positive feedback on their last tape Songs of the Eternal Oak. Luckily for me, all six songs of the tape are also on this Cd. And thatīs not all, there are also three new songs and two videoclips featured on this album. I expected much and was not disappointed. Listening to the first song and hearing this great guitar work really impressed me. Alkonost play Pagan Black Metal with great melodies and good sound. The songs are original and full of variation and sometimes great clear male vocals can be heard. The material from Songs of the Eternal Oak ends with an outro that didnīt impress me too much but this is really the only thing I didnīt really like on the album. After that outro the new songs started and I didnīt think before that these could be even better than the other material, but they are! Even more and greater melodies and also a very good female voice can be heared here. Also the sound is a bit more powerful. Absolutely excellent! The videoclips are of course underground metal videos, but I think they are quite nice. Especially the second one shows the musicians as extremly sympathetic guys. The first video is quite funny as you can see a Star Wars like swordfight with light swords. I can highly recommend this album to all of you!