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2003-10-30 : Mat-Core : Link
Alchemist is a band from Australia, which hasnít put a foot into the countries that lay further than Australia. They have brought out some records, but none were actually that impressive that it reached further. The music is somewhat complex and the usage of Australian instruments like the Didgeree Doo and stuff like that. I knew Alchemist by their Spiritech record, but I found that one quite complex to listen. When I roamed the music stores I found Austral Alien, their latest production. I listened and was sold.

Austral Alien starts with First Contact, an angry song about the defloration of the virginity of the Australian land. The whole album is an angry message to the world about how mankind have destroyed, and are destroying the Australian land. Second song Great Southern Wasteland is again from that kind and the topic of the next song Solarburn is quite easy to guess. Now about the music, itís a very difficult to understand mix of Hardcore, Nu-Metal and Death metal. I must confess Iíve never heard a band like this, and that makes this record very original. Also the usage of ancient Australian instruments like the Didgeree Doo is very nice to hear. Now about the vocals, Adam has a distinguished voice that can reach many heights. He can easily start with a low pitched growl, and turn that growl into a clean voice. I can say one thing about it, itís very difficult to listen to this album if you donít know what to expect. My first impression was an overwhelmed feeling about the cleanness of the guitarís and the vocals.

The integrity of songs like Alpha Cappella Nova Vega and Grief Barrier will drench you in another state of mind. With this album Alchemist have created an original and intrigue album that wonít begin to bore after a few listening turns. Also the very intelligent lyrics are certainly worth reading. Australia have more than The Berzerker!

Track List:

1: First Contact
2: Great Southern Wasteland
3: Solarburn
4: Alpha Cappella Nova Vega
5: Older Than The Ancients
6: Backward Journey
7: Nature On A Leash
8: Grief Barrier
9: Epsilon
10: Speed Of Life
11: Letter To The Future

Line Up:

Vocals Ė Adam Aguis
Guitar Ė Roy Torkington
Bass Ė Johne Bray
Drums Ė Rodney Holder

Review by Mat-Core