Agiel - Dark Pantheons

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Agiel-Dark Pantheons AGIEL's music is a synthesis of death metal, black metal, orchestral and synthetic elements to create a sound that is both enigmatic and frantically intense. Their songs shift between unsettling tonalities; using unconventional and extremely dense arrangements to provide as much tension as possible.

Incorporated into AGIEL's style are extreme, death metal drumming with frequent blast beats, double kick, long drum fills and aggressive use of the cymbals. The death metal influence continues with a deep, gritty bass tone that has a lot of low end power. The guitar playing fuses together a number of different styles to create something distinct. In the course of a song there might be heavy palm muted riffs and pinch harmonics more common to death metal, complex chord arrangements usually found in black metal, as well as strong harmonic and tonal parts more akin to melodic death metal.

Layered over this mix of death, black and melodic metal is a complex arrangement of orchestral instruments as well as lush synth pads. These keyboard elements are not isolated to the background of the music. Instead they take a prominent place in the overall sound; interacting continuously with the guitar to produce unexpected harmonies. The keyboard are much more aggressive than might be expected and are treated as rhythm section in their own right. In this way they differ from a typical black metal element and add much more to the sound and style of the music.

The core vocal sound is low and guttural, but also has more tension and clarity than something purely death metal. Higher black metal tones are used as well, but only sparingly to bring added impact to specific parts of the songs. There is also a distinct clean vocal sound similar to that heard in black metal which is used throughout the songs. The clean vocals differ from typical black metal in that they are less operatic; usually with a much harder edge and more intense projection. Occasionally the vocals are intoned to add a foreboding, other worldly atmosphere to the music.

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Label: Deepsend | Item Code: Various | Country: Untied States | Year: 2013 | Genre: Death Metal

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