Agathocles / Stomachalcorrosion - Live in Stavenhagen 1998 / Kaosa Turnigo

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Agathocles / Stomachalcorrosion-Live in Stavenhagen 1998 / Kaosa Turnigo The release of this split CD between the Belgian Mincers and Brazilian grinders Stomachalcorrosion was originally planned somewhere in the end of October 2003, but things really got wrong and it was delayed for some months, now in March 2004 it finally came out through the Brazilian label Heavy Metal Rock.

Agathocles brings a full live set from Stavenhagen. The recordings are from the short Driller Killer/Agathocles tour in 1998, funny thing to mention is that these songs were recorded on one of the few moments when the band was a four-piece with Vince on bassguitar and Jan only doing the vocals. Twenty-two track in two length tracks on the CD. The thing that is immediately clear to the listener is the great quality of the live tracks. In comparison of most of the Agathocles live tracks this has a clear and open sound, this must've been a great live show. The band plays a kind of a best-of set, with all kinds of great songs such as "Humarogance", "Razor Sharp Daggers", "A For Arrogance", "No Use (Hatred), "Trust? Not Me" and "Theatric Symbolisation Of Life" for instance. This CD is one of the better Agathocles live registration available, it captures a true live feeling yet it is very clear and enjoyable. So people who are interested, get in touch with either the band or the label, it is worth it!

This is the first time I hear about Stomachalcorrosion. The band is more a heavy grindcore band with deep guttural vocals and short songs (with some exceptions every now and then). Though the songs aren't that unoriginal, short grindy songs which reminds a little on early Napalm Death but with a more hardcore/punk touch, with that one difference that the songs aren't fast! Vocally it reminds me a little on Cerebral Turbulency, but the music is something that is quite able to stand on its own. Production-wise it is pretty weak and tame, but the songs are pretty good. I'm glad to hear the band, nothing too special but highly enjoyable.


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Label: No Fashion | Item Code: NFHMR 023 | Country: Belgium/Brazil | Year: 1998 | Genre: Grind

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