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Aeternus-Hexaeon Finally the wait is over. Finally the new Aeternus album has been released. Their previous album "A darker monument" already dates from 2003 so it was indeed about time for something new. But the band hasn't been lazy in any way because behind the curtains they struggled with many problems and other inconveniences, all resulting in many delays. But these problems and inconveniences belong to the past now because "HeXaeon", as the new album is entitled, has finally been released.

"HeXaeon" is Aeternus' sixth full-length album and it is at the same time the last album with founding member Erik on drums. Erik felt he had nothing more to give to extreme metal-music and his passion and fire towards this type of metal style were no longer with him to the extent where it would give him something as a musician and a drummer to proceed. Furthermore Aeternus switched from record-label and "HeXaeon" is Aeternus' first album on Dark Essence Records after leaving Nocturnal Art Productions after one album already.

About "HeXaeon" I can say it is once more typically Aeternus. But this time there is more to it. In many ways "HeXaeon" reminds me to older albums and especially to "Shadows of old" yet this time also some 'new' influences can be sensed throughout the whole album. This results in probably their most varied album up to date. Ares' vocals are just as deep as always yet this time he experimented a bit with some different vocal-styles. "The 9th revolution" is a good example and here the vocals have a kind of futuristic industrial touch to them which sounds surprisingly good. In this one also the pace has lowered a bit, something which can be seen more often on this album and it isn't just high speed attacking all the way through anymore, even though some raging blast attacks are definitely there. Just listen to "In the 3rd dwells oblivion" which also includes some cool headbang parts here and there. The sound on "HeXaeon" is heavy as fuck. Nothing more to say really. As always the album was recorded at Grieghallen with Pytten as producer so the fans will know enough. "HeXaeon" contains nine tracks within 34 minutes which need some time to develope. So don't throw away the album after just one listen but give it the time which it needs to develope. Only then you'll find all the small details which make this album to another highlight in Aeternus' discography.

I've been an Aeternus fan since their very early beginning and never did they let me down with one of their albums. And at the same time Aeternus never managed to surprise me with an album like with "HeXaeon". In many ways this new album differs from the previous albums yet at the same time it is typically Aeternus at work. And here lies their strength. They managed to grow and develope without losing their own, unique sound. For me personally "HeXaeon" belongs to Aeternus' strongest albums up to date. This is truly a masterpiece in dark metal. "HeXaeon" is pure dark art! - Marcel /

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Label: Karisma | Item Code: KAR 014 | Country: Norway | Year: 2006 | Genre: Death Metal

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