Adriano Vincenti - Motel Industrial

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Adriano Vincenti-Motel Industrial Vincenti's proclaimed aim is to recreate the golden Italian "'50's era with the "snuff soundtrack of today." Not too sure what he intends by such a colourful and ultimately meaningless description, but the end result is a mix of minimalist electronica and shrill feedback interspersed with infrequent jazz and lounge samples, an intriguing combination that is accomplished superbly with a deceptive ease. Much of the feedback is shrill, much like a cricket chirping softly in the background, rather then the aural nightmare of Merzbow and the harsher tones are alleviated by the minimalist nature of the album, so even those with an aversion to noise and power electronics will find this bearable, if not enjoyable. Pro CD-r release!

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Label: Old Europa Cafe | Item Code: Various | Country: Italy | Year: 2007 | Genre: Power Electronics

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