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Abysmal Torment-Epoch of Methodic Carnage There's nothing like a good dose of brutal death metal and Maltese deathgrinders Abysmal Torment clearly knows that. Their first full-length effort Epoch of Methodic Carnage is a brutal firestorm of deathgrind from start to finish. Epoch of Methodic Carnage is bone splintering deathgrind when it's best.

The similarities with their countrymen in Beheaded are there, but still Abysmal Torment sound nothing like a clone. The band has progressed since I last heard their music. It's quite clear that they have a good ear for writing some varied and captivating songs. The music is extremely fast, but the band doesn't solely rely on this. Most of the songs are stuffed with slow and ultra heavy parts. Examples of this include "Flayed Dismembered and Feasted Upon" and "Gradification Through Castration", but this is an almost common demeanour in every song. Moreover there's an odd, but very captivating kind of groove in some of the songs. Like for instance in the end of "Epoch of Methodic Carnage", a groove that is highly addictive. The two vocalists Nicky Farrugia and Gordon Formosa do a terrific job in complementing each other. The vocals are low and guttural, but still greatly varied. It adds a lot of colour to the soundscape. Epoch of Methodic Carnage is full-on brutality from start to finish, but the band is always in control of what they are doing so it never tend to become too much or chaotic.

Unlike a lot of albums in this genre the sound is fat and full. It fits the music flawlessly and makes it appear even more powerful and compact. There's not one weak or boring track on Epoch of Methodic Carnage, but the highlights for my concern are without a doubt "Befouled With Zest", "Epoch of Methodic Carnage", "Battered Into Nothingness" and "Gradification Through Castration". The band has also got a bit of humour which comes to show at the end of the album. If you like your music ultra heavy and relentlessly brutal a la Beheaded, Severed Savoir, Disgorge or just US styled deathgrind in general then Epoch of Methodic Carnage is unavoidable. It doesn't come much more savage than this.

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Label: Brutal Bands | Item Code: BB 006 | Country: Malta | Year: 2006 | Genre: Death Metal

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