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2005-09-18 : Kurt Krueger
Kurt Krueger reviews ABSCESS – Damned and Mummified on Red Stream - Pit#51 Spring 2005

Hard for me to pass up a straightforward gore album. ABSCESS strikes with a meat cleaver at the popular music industry with this slab of relentless, brutal metal. Great variation of pace between insane spurts and dirge-like grooves. Chris Reifert and Clint Bower drop a sickening vocal performance with demonic growling and choke-on-your-own-blood gurgles. Joe Allen's vicious low end dominates this platter with its ominous mood and is amply supported by Reifert's frenetic drum work. Danny Coralles and Bower split the guitar duties and swing their axes with murderous intent offering up several spine-chilling solos and terrifying riff work throughout. Disturbing lyrics and gruesome cover art by Dennis Dread should get Damned censored out of most record stores, which is unfortunate because this album is a beer-guzzling, dope smoking, "Don't go in there" blast!
Kurt Krueger
2005-02-28 : PM : Link
Formed more than ten years ago by Chris Reifert (after its experiences in cult acts such as Death or Autopsy), Abscess stroked back some two years after the release of «through The Cracks Of Death». After Relapse Records, Listenable and Peaceville, Abscess recorded its new work on the Red Stream rooster…and to be honest this first album on the Florida label is the band’s best one. Perhaps, Abscess have suddenly matured a lot since their recording but I get the feeling this «Damned And Mummified» sounds way more professional and efficient than all its predecessors. If you like your american old school death metal (with tons of solo actions) coupled with thrash attacks and doom surroundings, «Damned And Mummified» may be for you. Vocals are typically in the american thrash death vein and compliment the music very well. The different tempos are well controlled throughout and the songs are a real pleasure delivering a huge panel of underground metal styles. Their best work to date.
2005-02-25 : PM : Link
Damned and Mummified
(Red Stream)
Rating - 8/10

It's been several years since my last brush with this gruesome beast and it
is kind of reassuring to hear that Abscess hasn't really changed over
time. Gory old school death metal is mixed with doom and even some bluesy
metal for a sound that is sick, strangely tuneful and unique.

"Through the Trash Darkly" kicks off the proceedings as well as anything,
following a lopsided riff that epitomizes Abscess' style perfectly. Vocals
are sepulchral but not overly deep, courtesy of Chris Reifert (f Autopsy
fame) and fit the raw nature of the music well. Danny Coralles (also
ex-Autopsy) handles guitars, along with Clint Bower, and they trade off
some remarkably dexterous solos that are quite often tinged with more than
a shade of the blues. Some serious doom riffage makes its presence felt on
cuts like "Caverns of Hades" and "Twilight Bleeds" and Abscess never really
speed up to excess, much to their benefit. The punk element obvious from
the album cover comes through now and then, too, most notably on the title
track. If The Accused were a death metal band, they might sound like this.

Lyrically, the band has become a bit more refined since the days of Urine
Junkies, but they still keep things dark and filthy. I was intrigued to
see a song inspired by the movie The Dark Backward - certainly Abscess is
looking beyond the usual gore fare for ideas and that's cool with me.

The production is a bit murky but then you wouldn't really want it any
other way with a band like Abscess, it merely adds to the
atmosphere. Though my tastes tend toward the more melodic and clean death
styles out there, I have a definite soft spot for bands like Abscess when
they get it right and this is their best effort yet. http://www.redstream.org
[Daniel Hinds]
http://the-plague.net [metal webzine]
http://outburn.com [alternative magazine]
http://danielhinds.com [photography]
2005-02-21 : PM : Link
There are a number of sick, twisted individuals in this world of ours. Abscess comprise of four of those individuals (Chris Reifert, Clint Bower, Danny Corrales, Joe Allen). "Damned and Mummified" is the bands' 5th full-length with a running time of around 45 minutes. This release continues the legacy set forth from the ashes of Autopsy. The music is extremely death metal with hints of gore, sludge, grind, and doom metal. Which brings me to my next point. Is stoner death a sub-genre yet? These guys hit it very close regardless of their utterly obscure and insanely gore-dripping lyrics. A great example of this would be the track, "Caverns of Hades". Very gore-thirsty words, stoner/doom-style riffing, and crushingly heavy bass & percussion precision. The weirdest track on this album, though, has to be "Empty Horizon". There is no doubt that Abscess create some of the most obscurely original templates in the underground metal scene. Whence.... the members' experience and past projects. A worthy competitor for those into bands like Autopsy, Necrophagia, Incantation, and Deceased. With a certain unique blend that can only be described as "Abscess"...

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell
2005-01-30 : Patrick : Link
Man, why there is such a soft spot in me for sloppy drunken goofy death metal sewage, I do not know. I do know that after ignoring Abscess for the past decade, I am disappointed with myself. The chunky buzzing guitars, raspy death chants, rumble the walls loose bass, and scent of whiskey in the liner notes, Damned and Mummified is the fun I like to have listening to this garbage. “Through the Trash Darkly” sets the mood for the entire record, quite the story of perversion and dumpster diving (my great grandfather was a champion). The slower sections of “Empty Horizon” and “Swallow the Venom” show the sore boys grind at a doomed pace, much like the mucous draining into my flu infected throat right now. “Caverns of Hades” sounds like it was written, recorded and inspired by the morgue (not swamps) of the sludge capitol, New Orleans. A thoroughly rocking perverted excursion that I intend to enjoy overtly.
2004-11-12 : The Dopesmoker : Link