Aborted - Goremageddon

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A Meat hook sodomizing and limb tossing convulsions took place in my mind when I listened to this album the first time. This is the best grinding death metal I have heard in a long time; pounding guitars, crushing vocals, devouring drums and a brutality that can hardly be compared. Aborted started beating stumps in 1995. Three albums resulted in a unique and matured style that belongs at the top of extreme metal. After a few line-up changes and a lot of live experience Aborted was ready to make "Goremageddon". "Goremageddon" starts with the phrase: 'the doctor is in'. After this warning all hell breaks loose that holds your attention for 34 minutes.

Extravagant songs as "Meticulous Invagination", "Parasitic Flesh Resection" or "Clinical Colostomy" really sound convincing. Aborted is very brutal, but there is also room for good musicianship and melodic guitar solos, exactly what I really like in death metal. I also like the various vocals they use; it contributes to the variation of the album.

Telling you more about this fast and brute album is not necessary, for if you are into grinding death metal this album needs no explanation; so start cutting limbs and mutilating cervixes, for this is Goremageddon.

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Label: Listenable | Item Code: POSH 045 LP | Country: Belgium | Year: 2003 | Genre: Death Metal

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