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Abnegation-Verses of the Bleeding Wow, a gore cover... Frankly, im sick of gore covers, id rather see some original artwork and some decent packaging as well. Anyway, the CD version of this has a black cover to censor it so whats the point in putting an offensive cover on in the first place? Anyway, to the music. The production on this is quite bottom heavy to my ears but also very quiet, usually requiring that you turn it up before listening to it. Musically though Abnegation are pretty excellent, mixing death/ grind and old school thrash/ metal with sludgier elements and coming up with an album that sounds like Eyehategod doing death metal covers. The sound is very remniscent of that Southern sludge sound to me, but the speed and constant barrage of bass drum and toms makes it a whole different notion. The opening track on this is 'When the Smoke Clears', a song which appeared on 'Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.4' and is without a doubt the best track on this CD. Opening with a massed avalanche of drums and then speed riffing it sets the general tone for the whole album. An inclusion of a storming cover of Venom's 'Welcome to Hell' adds to the overall album and really makes you wonder what happened to them. Another strange thing about Abnegation is that this was released by Goodlife, a primarily hardcore label. Anyway, this is well worth picking up as its bordering on originality, which is a rare thing at the moment, and it is a perfect addition to any extreme metalheads collection. If you want to hear them first you could do worse than pick up a copy of the 'Cry Now, Cry Later' CDs.
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Label: Good Life | Item Code: ED 017 | Country: United States | Year: 1997 | Genre: Death Metal

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