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A.W.A.S.-Hope Germany's death metal scene has a new war. A.W.A.S, was formed in Bonn, Germany in 1999 under the name "Torment", with Viktor on vocals, Martin on bass, Konni on guitar, Stephen on 2nd guitar, and Ruben on drums. Soon after though, Ruben left and Martin stepped behind the kit. They took a short break, and came back to life in 2001, doing their first gig in Aarau, Switzerland opening for Sacrificium. They then recorded a demo entitled "Time to Choose", which was released in January of 2003. From 2003-2005, more lineup changes were to occur, including the departure of Stephen and Martin. This would make A.W.A.S a four piece band, and bring aboard Eddy on the 4 string. This was also to be the final lineup of the band. They also had 2 of their songs released on the German "Deathophobia" sampler. The band would get their break in 2006, when they independently released their debut full length album "Hope". However, soon thereafter, Open Grave Records would take interest in the band, and sign them to give "Hope" a proper world wide release which will be released in early 2007.

A.W.A.S will appeal to all death metal fans. Their tight, speedy riffage, along with crushing vocals, will satisfy the heaviest of tastes, while their lyrics, sung in both German and English, will enlighten and inspire. Metalheads, prepare for the A.W.A.S.!

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Label: Open Grave Records | Item Code: Various | Country: Germany | Year: 2006 | Genre: Death Metal

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